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Name: Odoo

Website: www.odoo.com

Price: $0 (only try-out) to $14500 (Pro Success Pack)

Owners: Fabien Pinckaers

Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

Odoo, Product Overview

So you probably saw some add about Odoo in a YouTube video or you’ve heard about it from someone and you would like to know more about this company? Well, within this article I’m going to give you an overview of what Odoo is about, who it is for, and what you can or cannot do with it.

Odoo is an online platform that allows businesses to grow through their apps and software. It has an integrated website builder, it offers hosting and a lot of other apps you can see in the picture below.


As you can see, some apps have abbreviations, and I’m going to explain them for you, just in case you would like to know them. If not you can just scroll further down to the pro’s and cons and after that to the next paragraph to find out if Odoo is good for you or not.

The abbreviations you see for the apps:
CRM: this stands for Customer Relationship Management. You can not only manage the relationship with your clients and customers, but you also get an overview of how your business is running. So you get to see the numbers and figures.

POS: this stands for Point of Sale. It’s a software used in a lot of retail stores, especially the professional once like Footlocker for instance where they just check on their screen if your shoe size is available or if they might have it in another color. JD Sports (another shoe-store) is even a better example. They have screens in their store where you as a costumer can check out their products and whether they are in stock or not, so that’s POS in a nutshell.

MRP: Manufacturing Resource Planning. This is another service that Odoo offers to companies, big companies to be more specific. Toyota for instance uses Odoo’s MRP software. So MRP is the kind of software big companies and factories use for their machines and scanners for example.

Odoo.sh: Odoo.sh is a website on its own, which is GREAT for developers. It’s also very interesting for Project Managers, Testers, and System Administrators, since they can program modules in many ways to fulfill their wants and needs.

The rest of the apps kind off speak for themselves. For more specific information you can always ask your questions down below or send me an e-mail.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • You Get one App for free when you Start
  • Inside the website app, for example, Google Analytic, Google Agenda, Google Drive and Google Spreadsheets are integrated.
  • It’s a GREAT platform to organize everything that is going on in your business. From Accounting to
  • E commerce is an app you can purchase withing the platform which makes it very easy for trading businesses to have an online presence
  • It’s easy to use
  • E-mail marketing and Marketing Automation make it very easy for you to automatically send lots of e-mails to your customers and or potential costumers.
  • With the drag and drop function inside the website-builder you can build out a website how you want
  • They also provide software for manufacturers

The Bad:

  • It’s not really free, you only get to pick one free app in the beginning
  • Each new user within odoo will increase your monthly fee
  • Not cheap but you do get what you pay for
  • If you don’t have a large company you might get very high fee’s just to use their software

Who is Odoo For?

So like you’ve probably sensed, Odoo is a great company for people who already have a business, or people who want to start a business and have the means to start one, because like you’ll see downunder in the pricing tables, Odoo is not cheap. With Odoo you can organize and manage your business using any app they offer that lies within your needs. Every App that I’ve seen and used delivers what it offers.

They try to make them very easy to use and fully integrated at the same time, that’s their main goal. But is that what you’re looking for? Many affiliate marketers, for example, would think that Odoo is interesting for them since they offer a Websitebuilder and a Blog. But is it that interesting for them? I’ve listed out the categories of people who could or should not use Odoo’s services, in my opnion.


Odoo is a great to use if you fall under any of the following categories:

    • You’re looking for better Costumer Relations Management
    • You need ERP Software
    • You want to make your business more profitable
    • Your business needs better management
    • Your want accounting software that you can customize to your wishes
    • You have an offline business and you like to be online as well
    • You want to Affiliate in your business (Affiliate Management)

Odoo Is not great at all to use if:

    • You’re looking to start with Affiliate Marketing to make money online (Check out my #1Recommendation)
    • You only want to make a website for your business to have an online presence but you don’t want to sell products online kruisjes (You can find the #1 websitebuilder I know here.)
    • You’re not really looking for ERP or CRM
    • E-commerce is the only thing you need


Tools & Training

Like most of the online platforms, Odoo offers online training/education. They are both the same, although they did d You can subscribe for $125/ month or 1000$/year. That’s indeed a bit pricey. Especially if you’re not interested in all the apps, but there are some free trainings/tutorials you can watch in their trainingsection to see what it’s all about and how the training is given.

The Education and Training: Basically they teach you how Odoo works in a way that you can tell it to other parties. They also teach you specifically how to demonstrate their apps to other people in order for them to get a good understanding of what Odoo is and how it works. The eduction is done through pdf’s and video’s. You can watch the video’s at your own pace since they’re not live. Every module (CRM, Sales, Accounting…) is seperated.


These are some reviews about the trainings inside Odoo

(taken from odoo.com)


There are some very good reviews as you can see. The most important thing to ask yourself about Odoo is: “Do I really need it?” and “Can I afford it?” If you’re answer is yes then I say go for it. Unless you really need a lot of support then you would be bound up with the Training Which costs a lot.

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Odoo Support

I personally find that the support has to be great. Because nobody likes the feeling of being stuck with something. So a lot of attention has to be given to support. And if you ever find a business or a service that doesn’t give much attention to support then I think it’s better to take your money elsewhere. In the image below you see one opinion about Odoo’s support.

But like I said that’s one opinion, because in general their support system looks very good since they work with Support Tickets which are categorized. That way they can help you in the best way possible. I know the Ticket Support System and it’s way better than just sending an e-mail with your problem or question.

Here is a preview of their support ticket system

At Wealthy Affiliate for example, where you can sign up completely free of charge, they have support tickets you can fill in too. But the greatest thing I find about this amazing online platform is, you can just ask the CEO of Wealthy Affiliate himself. Unless there’s already an answer for the question you would like to ask. See my personal example in the following screenshot:


(Click here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate)

The reason I put this here is to show you that getting support from the owner of a company or business can be much more precise and helpfull. Because this guy, Kyle, has over 15 years of experience in what he does. And he shares his knowledge and experience with me. I find that to be the top level of support!


The pricing at odoo can be very divergent. Are you paying for one app that you want to integrate in your already existing website through API, or do you want to become a partner of Odoo?

  • Apps vary from €8/ month to €48/month, and the first one is for free.


  • The following is a chart of the pricing for the Succespacks


What does the succespack include you ask?

  • If you want to become a partner of Odoo then your yearly fee is €3950/year which comes with a lot benefits of course.

My Final Opinion

Is Odoo a Scam? I can honestly say that it’s absolutely not a scam. In my eyes and from what I’ve experienced Odoo is a high end brand that really gives you what they offer. Their products are of high quality and they have a lot to offer. The only important thing for you to know is, like I’ve said earlier, do you really need Odoo for your company/online business or not, because they offer a lot of services, and some of those services are offered for a lower cost elsewhere. So that’s where you have to look at when choosing a product at Odoo.

If you still need some information or if you need help with anything, I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Or If you need help with deciding whether Odoo is good for you or not, leave me a comment below and tell me why you think Odoo might be interesting for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review!

Odoo at a Glance…







Name: Odoo
Website: www.odoo.com
Price: $0 (only try-out) to $14500 (Pro Success Pack)
Owner(s): Fabien Pinckaers
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100





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  1. David

    Really nice review, you’ve covered a lot of ground in this post. Odoo looks like a great platform for a mid-sized to large business. Looking at the shear volume of apps, I think it would be overwhelming for the average small business person. Which brings me to my question, do they offer a scaled down version of the platform? If not are there other options?

  2. Hi and thanks for this interesting review.

    After reading this, I think odoo is not what I need. It is because of your indepth explanation of the features odoo offers that I think it is better to get an all in one service for a much lower price.

    The Wealthy Affiliate option is one I’ll look into now.

    I want to start blogging and affiliate marketing, this is not what odoo is made for.

    By the way, your pricing is far under the reality, odoo can cost in dollars up to $24’200.00
    whitch is ok for a big company but not for a newbie like me 🙂

    • Hey Stefan

      Thank you for letting me know! I’m very happy I helped you out with choosing the right serviceprovider for your blog/affiliate marketing business. Odoo is indeed for big and middle-sized companies.

      With Wealthy Affiliate you make a great decision, it’s my #1Choice!

      See you inside!

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