Passive Income


What is Passive income?


Passive income is best described by an example: When someone has a building or a car and he rents it, the money he gets (the rent) is Passive Income. Why? Because he did not do anything to earn it except maybe signing a contract. So Basically passive income is earning a revenue without having to work or do much.

Active Income is another type of income. It’s the type which is know by the most people. Like a 9 to 5 job, making something and then selling it, cleaning dishes in a restaurant, etc. This kind of income can not be earned unless you work everyday again. And in order to make a lot of money through Active income is by having a very high hourly wage and working many hours a week. Hence? When you stop working => you stop earning! But not with Passive Income.

Why is Passive Income interesting?


Well first of all, my last sentence mentioned in the paragraph above:

“An Active Income stops when you stop working, a Passive Income doesn’t. “

This is a very important issue for me, because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working 8 hours a day to earn a little money. I want free time for me and my family, I want to eat healthy and enjoy the finer things in life like seeing my kids grow up and educate them. Not being away 10 hours a day to get that minimum monthly income. We all know the statement “Making money while you sleep”? That’s exactly what it is, and it certainly is possible. Active Income is just a short term solution for a long term problem.

What we don’t have to forget, is that there are also people who might have had an accident and got a handicap, or people who were born with a disability. They probably ask themselves “Can I make money with a disability ?” To them I say:  ABSOLUTELY YES.

It’s not impossible to generate passive income for people with a disability. You just have to know what options you have out there and how you can earn money. In the list below I have summed up some ways to make a passive income. There are many ways to make money with a disability, and one of those ways is Affiliate Marketing. That’s the one I like the best because it’s not so hard to do and it’s really exciting!

How can I generate Passive Income?

Some ways to generate a passive income are:

  • Create an app
  • Teach online
  • Make Youtube video’s
  • Write a book
  • Invest
  • Product Affiliate

I keep myself busy with the last one. Because I don’t know how to make an app. I don’t want to teach online, or make a youtube video. I could write a book, but I rather write on my website. I would like to invest but I don’t have the big money yet. But then, there is Product Affiliate. (Read on, or click here)

Passive Income through Affiliate Marketing

Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t heard about affiliate marketing, or marketing online. I’m going to try my best to explain what it is. Some great advantages for Affiliate Marketing are:

  • Work when you want
  • Do it how you want
  • Work from where you want
  • Earn money while asleep
  • Opportunity to earn more money than you ever have!

And the work you do is fun! because it can be about your interests or hobbies, or anything else you choose. 

Affiliate marketing is also an example of passive income, and here’s how it works:

Step 1: Choose an interest

Step 2: Set up a website 

Step 3: Get rankings in search engines

Step 4: Earn a revenue while asleep!

(Step 5: If you didn’t understand the above don’t worry and don’t quit! Just read on.)


It’s a possibility to generate a passive income with an online business without needing any money or products of your own to sell. I can show you how you can start and yes, you can do this entirely for FREE.

Check it out here or go to my Getting Started page.