How to start with Affiliate Marketing? – Step by Step Guide Included for Free!


What is an affiliate? What is an affiliate Program? How does Affiliate marketing work? I am going to explain these subjects so that YOU can get a clear overview to Get Started.

Before I explain to you what an Affiliate is, I would like that you promise me 1 thing: when you’ve read this post and there is something that you don’t understand, or something that is not so clear, then please do leave me a comment below so that I can help you out. With that being said, let’s get into Affiliate Marketing:



What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is a person that sells products or services for other parties, and in return for that he gets a commission. A very easy way to explain this is by the following example:

Jack works in a store

Some guy, let’s say Jack, works in a store where he sells products and services for a company. Jack doesn’t own any of these products and services, he just sells them. With every sale he makes, he receives an amount of money, a commission.

After the sales are made, he receives his money. After that he can go home or he can go shopping and use that money. He does not have to worry about delivery of the products, the customer service, or anything else. Everything is done automatically, the customer just has to buy the product or service and the company does the rest.

So basically, he just has to make sure he brings the products and services to the people. He makes them accessible for them.

An Affiliate does almost exactly the same thing. An online affiliate marketer is someone who has an online presence where he sells products and services for third parties. He does this through a website or via mail for example. He shows and explains products and services to potential customers. When they buy something through him, everything (administration, shipping, delivery, customer services) happens automatically. That is something the third party does, not the affiliate. The affiliate just has to make sure he brings customers for the third party. That’s what marketing is in general: Bringing the audience to the place where everything is sold.

So in the case of an affiliate marketer, the affiliate makes sure that people online can find his or her website. He attracts them because the website’s content is about their interests. And once people find what they like, they’ll buy it.


What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is a program offered by companies for affiliates. Here under you have an example of an affiliate program.

The affiliate program consists of a few important aspects:

 The products you can choose from to promote

 Your benefits when someone buys their products through you

 Their conditions (no malicious pictures on your website for example)


How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Let’s say Amazon is the third party we talked about in the first section. They have an Affiliate Program. Jack goes to amazon’s website and he checks out the affiliate program. He subscribes to their affiliate program and becomes a “amazonassosiate”. Amazon will give him special links to the products that he will promote on his website, so he integrates those links into his website (which very easy). He can choose the products himself. And those special links that he gets are called affiliate links, because they are specific to the affiliate. Amazon knows by whom they sold their products through those links because every affiliate gets an original personal link.

He puts those affiliate links on his website or in his emails. Those links redirect to the products he offered on his website. When someone buys the product through his affiliate link, then Jack will get paid a commission. Amazon will know they’re selling the products through Jack, because Jack used the affiliate links.


Let’s say your commission is 15% for electronic products, and you have a website where you’ve put those products (with their specific affiliate links) for sale:

  1. “Customer A” buys “Electronic product x” from your website and the product costs $100.
  2. Amazon will ship and deliver the product, and do all the customer care that is necessary.
  3. You get paid $15 in commissions for that one sale you made.

That’s how the affiliate earns money. Let’s say you sell 10 electronic products in a month => That’s a $150 you earn at the end of the month for that product only! Basically you would want to offer many products (not too much)  so that you’ll be able to earn a lot more.

And I’m happy to say that there are A LOT of affiliate programs. And every program offers different commissions. Some are high and some are low. In the most cases, the low commission rates go hand in hand with a lot of sales. And the high commission rates bring not as many sales. And that’s the least you should know about how affiliate marketing works.

If you want to become succesful with Affiliate Marketing, you need to take the following things into account:

  • The more income streams you have the better, so don’t stick to 1 affiliate program (1 source of income).
  • You can make A LOT of money with it but you need to work for it, that’s for sure.
  • Affiliate marketing is a good way to go if you want to work from home and eventually quit your 9 to 5
  • Before you even begin with it, you should know how it works in detail (check here for more detailed information or read My Number 1 Recommendation down under)


Is Affiliate Marketing Free?

That is a very good question. And the answer is absolutely YES! You can start completely free with Affiliate Marketing. You can start your own website totally free with no knowledge about web design, with hosting and support included, all of this for 0$! BUT. You can’t do this everywhere for free, because there are websites who charge you amounts of money before you can even start with using their services.

You will need the following:

1. A good Website Builder

I’ve used some website builders and I can say that SiteRubix is the best one you can use. It’s very easy to use, even if you have never made a website before.  You can make a websites in one minute. You can customize it the way you want and the website is made automatically for you. (Check the link down under if you would like to start already)

2. Help from real professionals

Most of us probably know the old saying: “If you want to go somewhere, ask those coming back.” If not, then no problem. The essence of this saying is that when you want to get started with something new, it’s better to ask those who’ve being doing it before you. That way things will be simplified and layed out for you. That way, you wont make the mistakes they made.

3. A little push in the back 

Sometimes we need that little push in the back, even if we make ourselves believe that it’s not the case. It can make a huge difference for you since you’ll go further where you wanted to quit. And that’s what the successful people do, they go further where others stopped. And that little push in the back, which is motivation and help, is what you can get from an amazing community that will motivate you and help you out when you get stuck. This way you can you will keep going and keep improving your online business until success!


So in order to succeed with Affiliate Marketing, you need to learn the tips and tricks, the do’s and dont’s, etc. I myself am an affiliate marketer. I’ve been through some struggle at the beginning, until I found this amazing online platform. There are many platforms out there, and some of them are really good, but some of them are scams too.

I’ve been in this platform for more almost two years now and I can honestly say that it’s, hands down, the BEST platform there is to learn how to make a professional online business through affiliate marketing.

Everything is layed out for you so that you can build your Online Business step by step. The Platform is honestly THE way to go if you want to succeed as an online affiliate. For more information about it you can check out my review.

Take a look at the Online Platform I was talking about:



This is an example of a lesson from one of the courses at WA. As you can see in the column on the right, each training has tasks at the end. These tasks are what is going to make you professional. Because these tasks are nothing but the knowledge you gain being put into practice.


So what Is my #1 Recommendation?


The best affiliate program I’ve ever seen is the one that Wealthy Affiliate offers. Check it out:



It’s not only the program I recommend you, but the whole platform is just amazing. There are tons of trainings and lessons you can follow, totally free. And with their affiliate program you have the opportunity to make a lot of money! Compare this to the example I gave you about Amazon, remember… $15 commission for that one product you’ve sold.


You can follow the first three bootcamps totally free. And in the first bootcamp for example, you can find the lessons shown in the picture below

  • Getting Started
  • Choosing Your Direction
  • Activating Your Plugins (in your website)
  • Getting Your Website ready for SEO (they teach you what SEO is and how to do it)
  • Your initial Framework of content

All of this for absolutely Nothing, not even one Penny, and it stays that way! compared to other platforms and programs. That’s why Wealthy Affiliate sticks out in the Online Marketing Industry. You can start for free, and it stays that way. Including all the lessons stated above, tools, the great online community that helps you, etc. Here you can see a review about the Bootcamp lessons:


I suggest you Try out Wealthy Affiliate, and if you find out that anything I said was a lie, then I would for you to tell me and rest of the world how fake my review is through the comments! That’s how positive I am about this great Community.


Quick Overview


We have learned what an affiliate is: 

A person that sells third parties’ products and services. The affiliate can sell anything he or she wants.

We’ve learned what an affiliate program is:

Therein you find deals that third parties (companies) offer for affiliates with the conditions and your benefits. Because it’s a win-win situation: The company gets advertisement => gets new customers, and the affiliate gets paid.

We know how affiliate marketing works:

Earning a revenue through selling other people’s products and services online, and you can start totally Free. The more income streams the better, because you can make a LOT of money with Afiiliate Marketing. (I’m talking thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars!)

Now what do we do?

We Take Action! You can start right away by building your free website here. Or you can check out the Online Platform of Wealthy Affiliate for the Free lessons and some more details.


Get Started Now for $0

Get Rolling Now for 0$


If you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love your feedback and I’ll get back to you asap!


Work The Way YOU Want




  1. Enjoyed your explanation of what affiliate marketing is, the analogy between a salesman and affiliate marketing is a good one. Lots of similarities.
    WA does provide one of the best if not the best set of training and tools that will be required to succeed in this area and I agree with your recommendation of them.
    Is there any other training you would suggest for people who may not want to join WA?

  2. Hi Tourist, An interesting post you wrote. I like the idea of being in the affiliate marketing business and I love how much help there is at Wealthy Affiliate. I will try it out myself. The idea of building my own business without having to spend a single Dollar sounds fantastic.

    Thanks for the tips and see you.

    • Hey Stefan,

      Thanks! It sure is interesting, you should absolutely try it out. Make sure you leave me a message once you sign up, so that you can claim your Bonus!



  3. Dave

    hi there
    i am happy that you have given me such knowledge in such a time that i am on the look out for it. i am exploring on ways that i can make money online and i think this is one option so i have one question though, how can you know in certainty how many products you have sold or simply put is there a way to know this?

    • Hey Dave!

      It’s actually very simple: So every time you make a sale, you get a notification and an e-mail with information about what you’ve sold and how much!

      Inside the Platform I told you about in the article, you find that information and many other useful tools that you can use to see how your business is going.

      You get also a diagram where you can see how much you’ve sold in a week, a month, or a year with all the sales summed up for you.

      Other than that, you can also check how many times your website got clicked by new and/or old visitors, etc.

      All of this is included in your free membership, and I can tell because I’ve been using it for two years now!

      I hope this information was helpful for you. Please let me know if you still have any questions.

      Your Pal,


  4. Michael

    I really enjoyed your description of what an affiliate is. You made it very simple to understand, and all the examples you provided made it that much clearer to comprehend.

    I also agree that affiliate marketing services should always be free, and if you have to pay to become one they’re not worth joining.

    I think anyone that reads this post will get a VERY good picture as to what an an affiliate is.

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