The Guide to Your Online Business In a Nutshell

Step One: The Foundation Of Online Succes



Your Own Website

This is the core of the foundation to achieve your online succes. A website is very easy to make within Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll use a website-builder which has very professional looking theme’s that you can customize how you want, and it only takes about 30 seconds to make one!

Why you need your OWN WEBSITE? Your own website for online succes is like the foundation of a big tree. You need a very good foundation, not just some mud.. You need strong roots to hold everything steady. From there on you can start building your online succes. The sky is the limit!

And like Kyle and Carson always used to say: “no mud huts”.  By this they mean, don’t build anything that is a mud hut (low quality or without a foundation) because it can easily collapse.   You want to build a solid foundation and this requires a website…and that will allow you to build those virtual sky scrapers.

Step Two: Means to attract your traffic – The Content


So, you have your website. Now what? The next step to achieve online succes is putting content on your website. Content will lead to traffic, and that traffic will lead to earning revenue. The typ of content you put on your website can vary:

  • Text
  • Comments on post
  • Video/audio

The best thing to do is making a website about your passion, or something you know a lot about/want to learn a lot about. This will ease for you the creating of content. Within Wealthy Affiliate you’ll get great and useful tips on how to write and structure your content, it’s much easier than most people think!


Step Three: Putting Your Foundation In a Busy Environment – The Traffic


You have the website, you have the content.. The next step, is to lead traffic to your website. This can be done by SEO.

What is SEO you ask?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimalisation. By this you help your website get higher ranking in Google and other search engines. This is done by using keywords, which are words that people type in in google to find what they are looking for.

Let’s say I want to know how I can work from home? I would check google, obviously, and type in ‘How to work from home online’. People who type that in google find websites on how to make money from home for free. And those websites or video’s etc. have used the keyword ‘how to work from home online‘ or something a like like: ‘how to make money from home online‘. That’s one of the reasons why they are ranked high in Google.

How do I know what keywords are good for my website?

That’s a very good question! And I’ll  show you how to find out. Lets take a look at these following keywords:


Keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate – I want to use this tool for free


Keyword:     How to work from home
Searches:    498 962
Traffic:           84 824


As you can see, this keyword was searched for almost 500,000 times in a month!  And it drives more than 80,000 visits to websites that use the keyword. So if you put this keyword, the chances are big those visitors would end up on your website and make you money if they buy or pay for something. You can also check the competition you have with this keyword, or in other words, how many websites use this particular keyword?

You can simply check that out by clicking on Competition. I made print screens from within Wealthy Affiliate to show you how the free keyword tool there works. Here’s how much competition this keyword has:



Great right? From all the websites that exist, only 200 use this keyword? This has good influence on your ranking in google, which will lead to more conversions and this more money. The best keywords are those with lots of searches, lots of traffic, and very few competition (under 300) the lower the better.

Let’s take look to another keyword:


Keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate – I want to use this tool for free


Keyword:     How to work from home for free
Searches:    999
Traffic:         170


As you can see, this keyword was searched about a thousand times in a month!  And it drives about 170 people to websites. So if you put this keyword on your website, would that be better than the first one? What do you think?

I say we don’t have enough information yet! We need to check the competition first! Let’s take a look:



Only 6 in competition, that’s like no competition at all. So let’s us ask again THE question, which keyword is better? The second one of course!  Even though there aren’t as many searches for the second one, you have very few competition, which makes your content original, which is very important for Google.

What I would do of course, is just use both keywords, because they’re both very good, and they are about the same subject. Let’s get to step 4!

Step Four: Cha-Ching!

Picture created with Logomakr

This is where it get’s fun, because this is the moneymaking part!

So after you’ve chosen an interest, built a website, and attracted visitors, those visitors are going to buy something that you don’t even have to own, and you’re going to get commission for that. How great is that? Seriously? Nowadays if you want to start a business you need tens of thousands of dollars to just get Started.. With this kind of business you can start for FREE. You can build your free website right now in the next minute! Just set up an account and follow the steps. Choose the free one and you’re good to go!

You can work whenever you want => you’re being your own boss

You can work about what you want => turn your passion into a thriving business!

You can work from where you want => the only thing you need is a laptop, smartphone, tablet or computer and an internet connection.

That’s all there is to it.. All you need is a good platform where you can learn about how to turn just a normal website into a moneymaking website. Wealthy Affiliate is one of those platforms, and frankly.. it’s the best one I know. At Wealthy Affiliate, you have anything you need at one place:

  • Websitebuilder
  • Training
  • Help (Lots of it!)
  • Positive succesfull people
  • Me (Just let me know if you need a hand with anything)
  • And so much more!


And the best thing of all, you can use it COMPLETELY FREE. And that’s no joke. I’ve used it for free and it’s amazing, because you get so much useful information.. while there are platforms that ask money just so that they can help you.


So to summarize:


At Wealthy Affiliate you have tutorials, trainings, classrooms about specific online income streams, a great keyword tool, a websitebuilder, website support 24/7, and a GREAT Community that offer you lot’s of help. I can keep telling you how great Wealthy Affiliate is but the best thing to do is check it out yourself.


If you have any questions about getting started online or anything else, I would love to help! Just leave me below and I’ll get back at you ASAP.








  1. Philip

    This seems very interesting. How long would you say it takes to build a sustainable and long term income from home?

    Are there any particular niches which you suggest I should avoid or that are too competitive?

    I can imagine building your own business online from home would be a wonderful experience.

    • Interesting indeed. And when you’ve set up your account and see what’s inside wealthy affiliate you’ll find it even more interesting!

      That really depends. That was exactly a question that I had when I first started. But what I know is:

      If you work for it, the chances you’ll earn sooner is much bigger then when you don’t do anything.. You have to gain knowledge and ACT upon that knowledge! That’s what will get you further.

      At Wealthy Affiliate you can get succesfull within any niche.. They really have specialised trainings, and the owners have been in the field since 2005 or earlier, so they know what they’re talking about.. My advice is to choose a niche you really like and know something about, or something you want to learn about.

      It’s an amazing experience! The freedom you get is very satisfying, no more “late for work” stress, or some boss yelling at you.

      Hit the green button and let’s get started!

  2. Lorenzo

    I like your section of this article about keywords, its some of the most important information you can bestow to your readers! Do you use Jaaxy? Its a lot like the WA keyword tool but way more powerful and even more accurate! Its what I use for keyword research, but the WA tool is good too if you are strapped for cash. I am glad I took the time to tour your site!

  3. Jaaxy is indeed also very usefull! It’s not free but it doesn’t.cost much either.., it’s very interesting to use it after you get the hang of things. When you really start searching for keywords it in very handy bit in the beginning it isn’t necessary. And besides.. The keyword tool @ WA is already amazing and it’s Free..

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate it, I’ll do my very best to just keep doing what I do.

    And as for you my friend, Keep up the good work!



  4. This is such an interesting and informative post. I love doing keyword searches, finding it fascinating that even the keywords we punch attract a statistical component. I have not long been involved in WA but I’m loving the experience so far and can only say in my opinion all your information is spot on.

    • Hey Beverly Bell

      Thank you very much for that message. I really like it when I see someone who is enjoying WA the way it should be done, by learning and taking action on what you learn. That is THE WAY to become successful in ANYTHING. And you are a great example!

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